After a very long sleep, the park and garden are undergoing a huge transformation, a recreation of forwarding designs, new planting a vegetable garden and a rose garden.

We would like to thank Guy Durand and Claude Gache for their book published in September 2010 “gardens in Sarthe”.

The park

The woods: a role of top importance.

The woods surrounding the chateau have always been very important. They form an integral part of the garden.

This area of the park has not changed very much since the seventeenth century.

The Garden of la Groirie

A Garden in movement

The garden “à la française” which existed for two centuries has completely disappeared. A plan of this garden dating back to 1804, exists in the archives of the chateau.

At the Groirie was found a monumental sundial which unfortunately is the property of the Conseil Général de la Sarthe. Maybe, one day it will come back to the Groirie….

The “English” Garden

At the end of the eighteen century, this style of garden was very popular in France. Towards 1840, the architect Pierre Felix Delarue transformed the French Garden into an English and romantic garden.

At this time, the Park was planted with fashionable and exotics trees like Taxodium districhum, liriodendrontulipifera

The “Chinese” Garden

It is a new creation. You will find a little red bridge different types of trees and flowers have just been planted.